Screen printing

Screen printing

It is the most popular way of printing on clothes. It is durable and resistant both while wearing and washing.

Water-based paints

Water-based and very durable products. Because of environmental friendliness, they are recommended for the printing on children clothing, cotton t-shirts, shirts and feeders.

Dischargeable paints

Printing guarantees bright colours on dark fabrics. It is perfectly soft and water resistant.

Puff ink printing

A very effective technique resulting in three dimension outlook.

3D printing

Effect similar to puff ink printing but with sharp outline.


Flocking is the application of fine particles to adhesive coated surfaces.This is done by the application of a high-voltage electric field. We put textile fibers on a blank and thanks to their lenght ranging from 0.3-1mm we achieve spatial effect. In the end the texture is similar to velour.

Metallic foils

Foil printing offers great effects. It can be shining, mirror-like, metallic or mate. Foils can be of different colours and textures.


Paint with sprinkling brocade resembling metal dust - perfect for fashionable products designed for girls and teens.

Joining techniques

We are joining many different techniques in large number of combination, ie., we join embroidering with sequins, ribbons, pearls and jets.