Machine Embriodery

Machine Embriodery

Our high class, modern machinery stock is basis for great variety of embroidery types and screen prints. We are able to join different techniques to achieve interesting, eye-catching results.

Flat embroidery

The most traditional method of embroidery which enables to recreate any pattern: a company logo, text, geometrical shapes or floral motives.

Drawn thread work

A very impressive technique related to the traditional hand made drawn thread work used in napkins, tableclothes, woman tops and jackets.

Embroidering with rubber

A unique technique which enables us to produce many amazing effects. It can be applied to fabrics as well as to knitwear. It can be made on blanks and mesh textiles.

Embroidery on large surfaces

Our machines have a large embroidery fields allowing us to apply every kind of embroidery on large surfaces of fabrics and knitwear.

Fabric appliques

A method of joining different materials used most often in the production of clothing for children, teenagers or in woman tops.

Joining techniques

We are joining many different techniques in large number of combination, ie., we join embroidering with sequins, ribbons, pearls and jets.